England Limited

Anti-Money Laundering Checks

We are responsible for due diligence for our customers in line with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives, which came into force in the UK in 2007.
What is Black Money?

Black Money is defined as money, goods or values obtained as a result of illegal activities. Large amounts of income are generated illegally in the world. The source of the mentioned income is mostly drugs and psychotropic substances, arms smuggling, explosives, trafficking of women and children.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is the act of deliberately concealing the source of black money in order to make it usable by giving legitimate appearance to the income obtained from illegal activities.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

New money laundering regulations were introduced by the UK government on 15 December 2007. This new law has had a significant impact on the way companies that offer company incorporation activities operate in the UK. As a result, company formation agents are subject to Anti Money Laundering Regulations and are directly inspected by HM Revenue & Customs. England Limited is obliged to verify identity and address as part of customer due diligence pursuant to applicable law. This applies to all our customers who receive service through our company and with whom we have a business relationship.

Who should verify identity and residential address?

- All directors appointed to the company to be incorporated,

- Shareholders holding 25% or more of the company to be incorporated,

- Legal entities appointed as directors or shareholders of the company to be incorporated,

have to complete identity and address verification. Customers who do not verify their identity and address cannot benefit from the services provided by England Limited.

How to verify ID?

ID verification is done by one of the following identity documents to be provided by the client:

- Passport

- National Identity Card

- Driver's License

How to verify Residential Address?

Residential Address can be verified by providing any of the following documents:

• Bank statement

• Gas, Water, Electricity Bill

• Mortgage statement

• Landline Telephone

• Bill TV licence

Your proof of address document must:

• be addressed directly to the individual, not to a business,

• clearly state the individual’s full home residential address,

• be clearly dated within the last 3 months,

• be written in a language using the Latin alphabet, or accompanied by a sworn English translation.