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United Kingdom
We are registered by HM Revenue and Customs with tax number 378121100.

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Allow us to process your company once you sign the incorporation contract and pay the set up fee.

Wonder why people prefer the United Kingdom?


Prestigious Location

We register your company's address in Covent Garden, one of London's most popular locations. We receive statutory mails for you and deliver digital copies.

Time-saving Management

You can easily run your company online on Companies House's portal and save 80% of your time compared to traditional company management.


VAT Exemption

If your annual turnover is below £85k, you can be exempt from Value Added Tax in the UK and increase the profit margin in your company compared to your competitors.


Micro Entity

If your annual turnover is below £632k, you can keep your own accounting records and reduce your accounting expenses as a "micro entity" without the need for a financial advisor.


Corporation Tax

You can show all the costs you will make on behalf of your company as an expense and keep the amount of corporation tax you will pay from your net profit at a minimum level.


Get Paid Quickly

You can receive credit card payments in all currencies through Stripe, the popular virtual pos supplier, and transfer them to your company's Sterling, Euro or Dollar accounts.

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