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Free VPN Service

Wherever you are in the world, connect to a London-based VPN server for free within 2 steps.
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VPN Service


London-based Server

Fast Connection with OpenVPN *

Access from Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices

In order to benefit from the free VPN service, the OpenVPN Connect software, which is offered free of charge, must be installed.


Whats is VPN?

A VPN connects your computer, smartphone or tablet to another computer on the internet (basically a server) and allows you to surf the web using that computer's internet connection. So if that server is in a different country, it will appear as if you're from that country, potentially giving you access to things you wouldn't normally be able to access.

Should I use a VPN for my company?

You don't need to use VPN to manage your company. As a non-resident director or shareholder, you can run your registered company wherever you are. However, the online platforms you want to use sometimes require you to access your accounts from the United Kingdom. In such a case, you can directly connect to platforms such as PayPal with your VPN server from your London-based server.

How can I connect to a free VPN server?

OpenVPN Connect software must be downloaded to connect to the free VPN server. You can install the software and connect to the London-based server easily and quickly by following the steps specified in the Free VPN Service document, which is among your incorporation documents.

Which company provides the Free VPN Service?

Free VPN service is provided by www.hostzealot.com owned by HZ Hosting Ltd.

Can I use different VPN softwares?

Certainly! Apart from the free VPN server, you can also connect to premium servers that you can purchase individually with the OpenVPN Connect software. England Limited only provides this service for their customers who want to benefit from a free VPN service. It is not mandatory to use this service for company incorporation and management.

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