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Digital Business Bank Account

Get local business bank accounts in 10 different currencies to receive and send payments quickly.
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Wise Business Account

Local Bank Accounts in 10 Currencies *

Visa Debit Card ve Unlimited Virtual Cards

* Setting up Wise Business Account is free. However, a one-time payment of £45 shall be paid to Wise in order to benefit from borderless bank accounts.


What is Wise Business Account?

Wise (formerly TransferWise), the most preferred digital banking service in the world, allows you to receive and send payments in all currencies for your company. Moreover, it provides a local bank account and IBAN number for many currencies such as Pound, Euro and Dollar, allowing you to receive payments quickly and inexpensively without SWIFT transactions.

Is it required to pay a fee for Wise Business Account?

Setting up a Wise Business Account is free. However, a one-time payment of £45 is required to use local bank accounts in 10 different currencies. You can pay this fee with your credit card or debit card. Upon your payment, you must complete the security procedure by uploading the passport / ID card photo of your company director on Wise's portal. Although your account is generally opened on the same day, it may take up to 3 business days to approve your account depending on the workload. Apart from the setup fee, there is no commission for the payments you receive in the same currencies of your Wise account. However, Wise may charge a transaction fee when sending money to accounts other than Wise.

May I order a debit card for my Wise Business Account?

Certainly! Your debit card will be sent to your address once you order your card on Wise. Delivery time is an average of 14 days. You can receive your debit card without paying any fee. If your card type is Visa, you can also use the contactless feature. In addition, you can start using your debit card for internet shopping immediately without waiting for your physical card to arrive. Besides, you can create unlimited virtual cards for your account.

In which currencies are local bank account numbers available?

You can have local bank accounts in the following currencies:

- Pound

- Euro

- Dollar

- Turkish Lira

- Canadian Dollar

- Australian Dollar

- New Zealand Dollar

- Singapore Dollar

- Hungarian Forint

- Polish Zloty

- New Romanian Leu

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