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Do you collect data from your customers? You must then register with the Information Commissioner's Office.
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£60 + VAT / year

The service fee includes the Information Commissioner's Office registration fee. This service must be renewed every year after registering for the ICO.


What is the Information Commissioner's Office?

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is the UK's data protection institution tasked with enforcing a set of laws governing communications, networking and data protection. The organization is best known for its role in enforcing the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ICO is tasked with ensuring that businesses in the UK adhere to strict data protection principles.

Do I have to register for ICO?

In line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2018, all businesses in the UK that collect and record data for any reason are required to be registered with ICO and be supervised. Otherwise, businesses that collect and record data without being registered for ICO are penalized.

How does being registered for ICO benefit my business?

Registering for ICO is very beneficial for both your company and your client. ICO, which is the supervisory body for possible personal data protection violations, acts as a bridge between your business and your customer and protects the rights of both parties. From a customer standpoint, having your business registered for ICO provides trust and prestige. Your customer is aware that he or she can apply to an authority in case of a possible personal data disclosure, and in this way, he or she prefers your business with confidence.

How will I know if I am registered for ICO?

Upon you registration for ICO, you will be given a reference number. With this reference number, your customers can check whether or not you are supervised on the official portal of ICO.

Should the ICO registration fee be renewed every year?

After registering for ICO, you must renew your registration every year. In this sense, you should extend your service period by paying the registration per annum.

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