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Professional Liability Insurance

Insure your company against the possibility of providing your clients services incorrectly or incompletely.
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£220 + VAT / year

The scope of the Professional Liability Insurance policy is £500k. Your insurance will hire a lawyer to defend you and will cover all damages for which you are liable.


What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance covers compensation you have to pay to your customers or other third parties due to problems with your work. When a claim is made, the insurance company will pay the amount you have to pay and any legal defense costs incurred.

What does the insurance policy cover?

The insurance policy covers indemnities arising as a result of the following situations. Coverage limit is £500k.

Negligence or mistake: If you fail to honor your commitment to your customer, give wrong advice, or make a mistake in your business.

Your ad or brand: If you unintentionally violate a third party's copyright.

Insult: if you slander and defame.

Agents:Work undertaken on your behalf by subcontractors. However, your insurer reserves the right to recover the cost of possible damages from your subcontractors.

Any other legal liability: This means that it is covered if a claim or loss occurs due to your business activities that are not specifically excluded and are not a criminal prosecution.

What does the insurance policy not cover?

The insurance policy does not cover the indemnities that will occur as a result of the following situations:

Any bodily or mental injury or death, unless caused by your breach of your duty of care.

Conditions arising from the use and ownership of any land, building, animal or vehicle.

Circumstances arising from the supply, manufacture, sale, installation or maintenance of any product.

Circumstances resulting from breach of your obligations to your company as an employer.

Situations resulting from any patent infringement or disclosure of a trade secret.

Circumstances that are likely to give rise to a claim resulting from anything you knew before the contract commenced.

Situations resulting from any cyber attack, hacker or computer or social engineering communication.

What is the duration of the insurance policy?

The duration of your insurance policy is 1 (one) year from the date of your insurance. After the policy expires, you need to renew the policy in order to benefit from the insurance.

In which countries is the insurance policy valid?

Your insurance policy is valid in all countries except the United States and Canada. In order for the policy to cover the United States and Canada, you can submit your request at the time of insurance. However, in such a case, the policy fee may vary.

What is the cost of professional liability insurance?

The cost of professional liability insurance is £200 + VAT per year. In order to continue to benefit from the insurance, the policy period must be extended by paying a renewal fee every year.

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