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Register your trademark online in the United Kingdom and retain usage rights for 10 years.
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£220 + VAT

The registration fee covers only 1 (one) class. If more than one trademark class will be registered, £50 will be charged per class.


How can I register my trademark in the UK?

We are here to help you register your trademark online in the United Kingdom. In order to start registration process, you can contact us via the Live Support button.

For how many years is the trademark to be registered under protection?

Once your trademark is registered, it will be protected for 10 years and the usage rights are reserved for you. At the end of the 10th year, you can extend this period by re-registering your trademark.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Your trademark registration application is examined within 60 days and it is determined whether or not it meets the requirements. If there is a person or institution objecting to your trademark registration application, you will be asked to defend your trademark. If there is no objection, your trademark is registered at the end of 12 weeks.

What can I register as a trademark?

You can register the following as a trademark:

- words

- sounds

- logos

- colors

Apart from these, your brand must comply with the following articles:

- Your trademark cannot have offensive language. For example, it cannot contain profanity or pornographic images.

- Your trademark cannot identify a good or service. For example, the word 'cotton' cannot be a trademark for a cotton textile company.

- Your trademark cannot be misleading. For example, you cannot use the word 'organic' for non-organic products.

- Your trademark may not resemble government symbols such as flags or signs, according to World Intellectual Property Organization guidelines.

Will my trademark registration be valid in all countries?

As your trademark will be registered in the UK, it will only be valid in the UK. To use your trademark in differen countries, you must apply to the authorized institution in the relevant country to register your trademark.

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